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Dealing with a mental health challenge and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) is here to make finding help easier than ever.

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First name Last name City Phone
Nicole Carson Unionville (647) 6732876 View Details
Josee Casati Toronto 647-453-9043 View Details
Tanaya Chatterjee Toronto  (416) 554-1271 View Details
Harpreet Chattha Toronto 905-455-7082 View Details
Saeid Chavoshi Toronto 437-886-6311, 647-360-9548 fax View Details
Catherine Chilly Toronto  4164182293 View Details
Bryan Choi Toronto 437-383-8880 View Details
Melanie Cochrane View Details
Amber Cohen Toronto 4168359994 View Details
Angela Cole Toronto 416-535-8501 x77351 View Details
Ken Colosimo View Details
Cosmin Coltea View Details
Jennifer Coolbear Orillia 4168011910 View Details
Michael Coons Burlington  (905) 484-1936 View Details
Jessica Cooperman View Details
Romina Coppa View Details
Todd Cunningham Toronto 647-542-3433 View Details
Laura Cuttini Toronto 647-366-9926 View Details
Tina Dadgostari Aurora 647-286-1770 View Details
Terra Dafoe Toronto 6473601110 View Details
Val Daigen Kitchener  (519) 744-2273 View Details
Meagan Daley Québec 581-333-9353 View Details
Jonathan Danson Toronto 647-362-8822 View Details
Gitty Dashtban Vaughan 6472975018 View Details
Judith Davidson Kingston 613 876-7907 View Details