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Prescription Authority Committee (RxP)

The Ontario Psychological Association is actively lobbying the Ministry of Health and Government of Ontario to expand the scope of practice for licensed psychologists with specific pharmacology training to include the ability to prescribe a limited range of psychotropic medication to their patients. The OPA has a sub committee that has been actively working on this project.


Here is a brief summary of our position on why Psychologists should be able to prescribe:


  • Improved patient outcomes for those with mental illness, resulting in a healthier population and reductions in personal, societal, and economic costs related to disability. 
  • Improve integrated care by allowing psychologists to diagnose, provide psychotherapy, and prescribe medication for suitable cases.  Psychologists typically assess for longer (1-2 hours) and see patients more often (weekly) resulting in more integrated care, frequent monitoring, and a better positioned to adjust treatment to achieve positive outcomes quickly.
  • Reduce urgent and emergent care costs including 911, hospital emergency room visits, and in-patient hospitalizations by providing effective combined psychological and medication treatment earlier.
  • Improves reallocation of professional resources so family doctors, psychiatrists, and hospitals can focus on their specialties.
  • Successful implementation in many U.S. jurisdictions (i.e., US Military, Illinois, New Mexico, Louisiana) with many other significant jurisdictions moving in this direction, including California, Florida, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • No reported adverse claims in any jurisdictions permitting psychologists to prescribe.

The Prescription Authority Committee (RxP) is comprised of psychologists and psychological associates who are working to bring prescription rights to the profession in Ontario. It is part of the Planning and Policy Development Committee.

Dr. Diana Velikonja

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