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WSIB Community Mental Health Program

The OPA WSIB committee consists of Dr. Faith Kaplan, Amy Moroz and Dr. Bruce Baxter as well as Richard Morrison OPA CEO.  In addition, we have created a WSIB advisory committee to the WSIB subcommittee. This advisory group allows the sub committee to draw upon their additional knowledge, valuable insight and feedback on WSIB experiences, initiatives and issues that may arise. This advisory group is made up of 12 psychologists or psychological associates across the province. 


The WSIB and the Ontario Psychological Association collaborated in developing this program “The Community Mental Health Program (CMHP)”. The CMHP is designed to provide a structured approach for the delivery of psychological services that is evidenced based and outcome focused treatment. The program is divided into phases that include intake/pre-authorization, assessment and treatment blocks, with corresponding reporting requirements, set reporting templates and blocked fee payments.
The program is for injured or ill people with a registered WSIB claim or recurrence of a claim and experiencing a psychological reaction following a work-related injury or significant psychological response to a workplace incident or cumulative incidents such at traumatic mental stress, first responder post-traumatic stress disorder.


If you are not currently registered electronically with the WSIB as a provider and would like to take part in the CMHP you can review the materials on the WSIB website (also available on OPA website) and
Submit a completed Community Mental Health Network Psychologist Registration Form  via email to [email protected] and register electronically with TELUS Health using an applicable role (either Mental Health Program Provider or Mental Health Program Clinic)
You must also watch the WSIB CMHP video:
Note: Once you register for the program, it may take up to two weeks to appear in the WSIB network directory.

CMHP Supporting Documents & Links