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CE Accreditation 

The OPA accredits organizations to host workshops and events at which continuing education credits can be granted to psychological practitioners in Ontario. 


The OPA wishes to provide our Members with reassurance that the educational objectives, proposed program content, choice of educational speakers and conference arrangements (teaching methods and evaluation procedures) for continuing education programs meet OPA CE criteria. As a result, our members are much more likely to attend an OPA accredited CE program. 


Following a request for a program review by the OPA accreditors, the submission of the required documents and payment in full, the OPA will ensure that the program developer is notified within 10 working days of the results of the program preview.  If the program meets OPA CE criteria, the program developer will be notified that the OPA will award CE credits to the program participants on the basis of one credit for each hour of instruction or learning experience. 


The number of hours eligible for CE credits should be identified in the program materials and promotional materials with the following statement: 

“This program has been approved by the Ontario Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists and psychological associates.  This program meets the criteria for {Number of Continuing Education Credits} continuing education credits.” 

Upon completion of the accredited event, the program developer will issue each participant a CE Accreditation Certificate and send the attendance record to the OPA along with the number of CE credits that each participant has obtained by attending the program and will provide documentation of CE credits if required for future use. 


If the same program is offered at a later date(s) during the same year, the OPA should be notified. A copy of the promotional materials, the completed record of attendance with participant contract information, and the participant evaluations for each repeat program within the same calendar year should be forwarded to the OPA office with a cheque for $50.00.  


On an annual basis, the content of the program should be reviewed/revised and re-submitted to the OPA for a second review.  

To submit your program for CE Accreditation, please complete the

attached application. 

The application form and all materials can be sent to [email protected] for approval. For pricing information, please see our Events Rates & Guidelines page