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Dealing with a mental health challenge and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) is here to make finding help easier than ever.

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First name Last name City Phone
Niki Norouzian Toronto (416) 767-7091 View Details
Amanda O'Brien Darroch Windsor  2265265321 View Details
Marianne O'Byrne Ottawa (613) 703-0277 View Details
Sarah Ouellette London 519-280-6697 View Details
Angel Enrique Pacheco Mississauga  (647) 701-6715 View Details
Angel Enrique Pacheco Mississauga  (647) 701-6715 View Details
Sandra Palef Toronto 4169277342 View Details
Konstantinos Papazoglou Woodbridge (437) 747-7211 View Details
Cassandra Pasiak Ottawa  613-695-6330 View Details
Sara Pishdadian Toronto 647-345-8808 View Details
Maria Pitiakoudis Woodbridge RPO Vellore (647) 537-8782 View Details
Claire Pizer Toronto (416) 580-0201 View Details
Gauthamie Poolokasingham Markham 289-274-3593 View Details
Gauthamie Poolokasingham Toronto 289-274-3593 View Details
Mark Potashner Toronto  (416) 229-1477 View Details
Sol Pound Waterloo 226-806-0056 View Details
Colleen Ray Toronto 416-526-5476 View Details
Meghan Reid Toronto  (647) 637-1579 View Details
Donna Reist Toronto 647-241-4182 View Details
Jaan Reitav Toronto (416) 921-9787 View Details
Sarah-Jane Renaud Windsor 5192581035 View Details
Maya Rethazi Toronto 416-818-4050 View Details
Nicole Rider Stratford  (519)721-5194 View Details
Tracy Riley Sydenham 613-532-7519 View Details
Levi Riven Ottawa 613-731-5713 View Details