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Dealing with a mental health challenge and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) is here to make finding help easier than ever.

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First name Last name City Phone
Houyuan Luo Toronto  647-410-7982 View Details
Carolyn Lutcher Kanata 613-383-2949 View Details
William MacMurray Ottawa 6138806451 View Details
Jennifer Marcus Richmond Hill  (647) 494-3173 View Details
Marnee Maroes Hamilton  (905) 527-5991 View Details
Frida Marshi Nasser Hamilton 2897953945 View Details
Sarah Mastoras Toronto +1 877-436-7838 View Details
Erin McCormick Kingston 6135394839 View Details
Kathy McDermott Toronto 6472922263 View Details
Martha McKay Toronto  (416) 597-3422 View Details
Sandra McKenzie Windsor 519-432-6200 View Details
Shelley McMain Toronto (416) 855-2624 View Details
Fiona Meek Forest 519-673-8542 View Details
Greg Mendelson Toronto 647 529 4734 View Details
Paula Miceli Toronto  4162753735 View Details
Samuel Mikail Newmarket  (289) 383-6970 View Details
Anne Marie Mikhail Mississauga 905-366-8475 View Details
Marilyn Miller Toronto  (416) 482-2648 View Details
Lesley Miller St Catharines (905) 641-0789 View Details
Mirmahmoud Mirnasab Oakville (905) 338-1397 View Details
Joanna Mitsopulos Toronto  (416) 487-5571 View Details
Parvaneh Moallef Akbari Mississauga (647) 794-5400 View Details
Mich Monette Hamilton 289-291-0205 View Details
Lynette Monteiro Navan 6133237205 View Details
Tammy Morrell-Bellai Markham  (905) 472-9658 Ext.202 View Details