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We are here to help.

Dealing with a mental health challenge and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 

The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) is here to make finding help easier than ever.

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First name Last name City Phone
Katerina Malat Toronto (416) 546-7496 View Details
Beverley David Uxbridge (647) 918-9355 View Details
Pamela Wilansky Toronto (416) 322-5176 View Details
Sarah Husain Burlington (905) 336-6961 View Details
Josée Labonté Hamilton (905) 741-3256 View Details
Rotem Regev Toronto (416) 432-4587 View Details
Shireen Abuhatoum Oakville (905) 616-1719 View Details
Katy Kamkar Toronto (416) 363-4228 View Details
Katy Kamkar Toronto View Details
Lara Hiseler Peterborough (705) 740-0999 View Details