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John Cole

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Contact Information and Address

Email: [email protected]

Website: Go to website

Address: 1444 Northey's Bay Rd,, Woodview, Ontario, K0L 3E0

Phone: (705) 933-4836

Professional Information

Sliding Scale: No

Area of Practice: Clinical,Counselling,Health,Rehabilitation

Service Language: English

Problem Area: Stress Management, Suicide, Veterans' Affairs, Victims of Crime, Military, First Responder-Related Issues, Firefighter-Related Issues, Operational Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Attention Training, Couple and Family Therapy, Depression, Grief, Behavioural Medicine, Bereavement/Grief, Adjustment Disorders, Brain Injury, Dental Anxiety, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Incest Survivors, Adult Depression, Intimacy Problems, Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Mid-Life Transition, Pain Management, Panic Disorders, Phobic Disorders, Police Psychology, Police-Related Issues, Post-Traumatic Stress, Relationship Difficulties, Religious Issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Harassment, Somatoform Disorders,