Ten Ways to Enhance Emotions in Therapy:

Emotion processing is now being recognized as a trans-diagnostic process. This workshop will begin with a discussion on emotion processing and provide tips for how to enhance it in therapy. The importance of working with automatically generated amygdala-based emotion by means of emotional awareness, emotional expression and emotion transformation, will be emphasized. The use of moment-by-moment process diagnosis to identify adaptive and maladaptive, as well as primary and secondary emotions, will be discussed.

Ten different ways of enhancing emotion processing in therapy will be presented and exemplified with video-taped examples. Participants will be introduced to the skills of moment-by-moment empathic attunement to affect, following the pain compass, focusing on bodily felt feelings, unblocking of emotions, and re-experiencing the past in the present. Differential intervention based on major principles of emotional change in psychotherapy will also be discussed.
Please visit the following link for more information: https://cmbh.space/event/online-annual-training-ten-ways-to-enhance-emotions-in-therapy-the-transforming-power-of-affect/

This event has been accredited by the Ontario Psychological Association
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