New WSIB Community Mental Health Program

Released on July 04, 2019

In collaboration with OPA, WSIB has developed and launched the Community Mental Health Program and is now taking members. Consider taking part!

To view the program details and register, please go to the WSIB site by clicking HERE.
WSIB has set up a dedicated Q & A site for psychologists. Access the Q & A by clicking HERE.

Thank you for attending the Community Mental Health Education Session: Occupational Mental Illness and Working with WSIB on June 17, 2019.

We are very appreciative of the time you spent attending in person or via our Webinar.  Please click the link below for a Survey to share your feedback on this session and opportunities for future sessions. The survey portal will remain open until July 5, 2019.

Take the Survey now!

We have also attached resource material from the session. 
Additional Information: Please visit the WSIB website for additional CMHP resources or to register and become a member of the Community Mental Health Network.  

You can also call the Health Care Practitioner Access Line at 416-344-4526 or toll-free 1-800-569-7919.
Thanks everyone, and looking forward to the next one.


Archive of materials from the October, 2018 session:

Click Here for the Psychology Desktop Tool for Return to Work Planning.
Click Here for the complete set of WSIB Education Seminar slides.
Click Here for the Return to Work Recommendations Sheet.

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