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Dear Members,
2019 will always be an important year for me. It is the year I  began as your CEO. I have to say after having attended my first OPA Annual Conference I was so impressed with the quality of the workshops, the expertise of the speakers and the overall fun we had throughout the Conference. It was exciting for me to have the opportunity to meet and chat with so many members at the conference.
Most importantly for you as a member, the OPA continues to be a significant collective voice for psychology in Ontario. It has been a very busy year for our Association. Some of our pivotal achievements include, working with government on position papers regarding the role of psychology within health and education initiatives, work with the College of Psychologists on issues critical to our profession, participation with government to champion and/or represent Psychology interests across a broad range of issues within finance, health and education. We strengthened the WSIB Community Mental Health Program, hired a new C.E.O. as well as restored financial stability to the Association.   Our Board and your CEO will remain diligent in our advocacy efforts and on growing the Association to build a stronger voice for psychology in Ontario.
In 2019, we succeeded in having our most successful and well attended Annual OPA Conference in years. This year’s conference offered members interesting and practical workshops with expert colleagues to support your continuing education requirements.  The  event also provided a wonderful opportunity to socialize and celebrate the achievements of our peers and students, just to mention a few of the highlights. https://bit.ly/2Xt9mHT
This year award winners were:

  • Dr. Jonathan Douglas: Award of Merit 2019
  • Dr. Mirisse Foroughe: Dr. Harvey Brooker Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching 2019
  • Mr. Robert Roopa: Dr. Ruth Berman Award 2019
  • Aliakesei Urusov: Student Poster Winner

Conference Prize Winners:

1) Andrea Peterman-RBC Insurance $50 Visa Gift Card Raffles
2) Dr. Beverley David- RBC Insurance $50 Visa Gift Card Raffles
3) Dr. Alan McAlister- Goodlife membership.
The Marketplace on our OPA website continues to be a valued source for job opportunities for members as well as a venue many employers, government and hospitals seek out to post any new psychology positions.
At this time we are encouraging you to renew your annual membership with OPA.  We have worked to keep you informed about the change in how we collect membership dues.  As mentioned in previous communications to you we are moving to a single date for renewal of December 1st  2019.  Therefore, over the past year you have received membership dues notices with prorated amounts.  Prorating helped to facilitate the same end date for all members by this time. OPA members who renewed their membership throughout the year only paid the pro-rated portion of their fees.  Before December 1st, all members will have received a new invoice for the 2020 membership renewal. Students will continue to benefit from their free membership.
There are many benefits to membership in the OPA in addition to the voice you lend to advocacy and the growth of psychology in Ontario.  Your OPA membership has additional professional and personal benefits by providing access to very affordable liability insurance, access to extended health, home and automobile insurance programs. OPA members can receive pro bono legal advice, discounts on computer and  IT services,  practice management solutions software. OPA members also can enjoy savings on well-known products and services from a variety of companies such as Goodlife Fitness, CAA and Staples to name just a few. 
The decision to move to a fixed date of 1 December was to facilitate budgeting and planning.  Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have any questions please contact the OPA office. New OPA members joining during the 2020 year will also be pro-rated. We are happy to speak to you about these changes so please do not hesitate to call the office.
Thank you for your ongoing support and together we can grow an increasingly strong voice for psychology in Ontario!
We kindly would ask that you please pay your membership renewal by December 1st.  2019.  
Richard Morrison
Ontario Psychological Association

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