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OPA members were recently invited to submit a few words that highlighted the various projects and initiatives that represent a current area of focus within the field of psychology. 

The submissions received were broad in both topic and scope! See below for a few of the most recent submissions.

Spotlight Submissions

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OPA Spotlights

Dr. Jill Schroeder


Dr. Schroeder is a clinical psychologist who provides psychological services to children, adolescents, and adults in a private setting. Her passion is fueled by helping people achieve their full potential in their life pursuits.  


Today, Dr. Schroeder’s work encompasses both her private practice work as well as a growing focus on supporting individuals through their EPPP preparation. During Jill’s EPPP preparation, she reached a point in her studies where she noticed her skillset as a clinician began to grow. This motivated her to support others in learning the foundational concepts required by psychologists to transition into the profession. As a result, Jill created and wrote an integrated study method that evolved into a Masterclass that helps individuals deepen their understanding of the cornerstones of psychology. 

Jill has helped over 25 EPPP candidates successfully transition into autonomous practice by showing them how to study smarter and feel more confident while embarking on this licensing requirement. Jill is enthusiastic about helping early-year colleagues, and their supervisors navigate their success toward autonomous practice. 

For further information, she can be reached at [email protected] or (519) 981-0913. 

Dr. Maggie Clarke


Dr. Clarke is heavily involved in COPE Kids, a newly developed non-profit developed by psychologists and registered in January of this year. Dr. Clarke describes COPE Kids as currently very similar to the DRN model with the exception that its' focus is on children rather than frontline workers, and that psychology members can supervise or provide consultations to students or other clinicians to ensure that the quality of care remains high.

While the COPE Kids website is currently under construction (set to be live at the end of the month!) Dr. Clarke has kindly shared the COPE Kids recruitment brochure for readers to learn more — view the brochure here.

Dr. Jenn Bossio


Dr. Bossio is the Director of the Tri Health Clinic — an Ontario-based practice focusing on sexual health. 


As a psychologist with more than 10 years of clinical experience in sex therapy, Dr. Bossio and her team at the Tri Health Clinic are focused on helping individuals and couples live their best lives utilizing the practice of Sex Therapy. 


Learn more about Dr. Bossio, her team, and their work at The Tri Health Clinic

Spotlight Submissions

Interested in being a part of the next round of OPA Member Spotlights? We'd love to have you! Complete a submission using the form below!

Dr. Ameeta Dudani

Dr. Dudani is a Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist at the North Peel Family Health Team (NPFHT), a multidisciplinary family medicine practice in Brampton, ON. 

In addition to providing clinical service, Dr. Dudani has been developing several initiatives as part of the child and adolescent psychology program, including practicum training for clinical psychology doctoral students, health promotion activities, and interprofessional collaboration. 

Dr. Dudani is a passionate advocate for children’s mental health and public funding of psychology.

Dr. Joseph De Leo 


Dr. De Leo is a dual licensed Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologist with the College of Psychologist of Ontario, working as Director of the Centre for Compassionate Care (C3) a community-based mental health clinic located in Hamilton, Ontario. C3 offers client-centered, person-focused, trauma- and culturally informed effective psychotherapies.

Learn more about the work led by Dr. De Leo and team at the Centre for Compassionate Care (C3).

Dr. Heather Prime  

Dr. Prime and her team are supporting interparental couples with young children amid the pandemic with a brief, online couples’ program. Their current CIHR-funded study will evaluate the program, with the goal of reducing relationship strain and supporting whole family functioning.

Learn more about Dr. Prime and her work at  Prime Family Lab.