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Applying Compassion Focused Approaches to Trauma

From December 08, 2023 to December 09, 2023


with Paul Gilbert, Ph.D., FBPsS, OBE

This training will be in two parts. The first part of session one will explore the evolution and biopsychosocial model of compassion that was developed to be used as a psychotherapeutic orientation. Participants will explore how the four basic functions of mind (motives, emotions competencies and behaviours) can all be textured by compassion and can also support compassion. We will explore how compassion can affect our physiological and psychological processes, such as capacities for empathy, mindfulness, and a sense of identity and how compassion can impact our social behaviour. Because of its important physiological effects, compassion can create experiences of safeness and connectedness. Participants will be introduced to some body-based and imagery-based practices for compassion activation and cultivation. The second session will look at how to apply compassion focused therapy that can help people with trauma while also exploring the challenges different types of trauma create.


Target Audience


This workshop is intended for all health care professionals seeking to develop skills to offer Compassion Focused Therapy interventions in a safe, effective way for their clients dealing with trauma.

Accredited by the Ontario Psychological Association for 7 CE credits

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