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Benefits of Membership

The OPA offers its members an array of membership benefits and perks offerings. These include professional liability insurance coverage, extended health and home and auto insurance programs as well as several tools to help members manage their practice.  The OPA also has over 3000 local and national businesses who offer our OPA members discounts.  The OPA is constantly looking for new products to help you to manage your practice as well as provide some savings for your home life. With the savings from these programs alone, your OPA membership will be virtually free!


The OPA advocates not just for the profession of psychology, but also for improved access to high-quality mental health services for the people of Ontario. The OPA is raising the profile of psychology with the public, government, media, and other stakeholders. We know and understand the needs for mental health in the province prior to COVID exceeded the supply and now since COVID have become overwhelming. The province faces serious and significant challenges as they try to fill these demands.


OPA members can benefit from the support they receive through their OPA colleagues.  Whether meeting through the Listserv, or face to face at a continuing education event; whether seeking to hire someone using OPA Marketplace or looking for a supervisor, the OPA brings the psychological community together.   The OPA  LISTSERV(s) allow members to give and receive “just-in-time” guidance, advice and mentoring. Our members tell us that this is one of the most valued services we offer.  Members have access to the collected wisdom of our profession from psychologists who practice in the same province as you. In addition OPA members can opt in to the OPA’s e-referral and matching service powered by Strata Health Pathways system as well as our searchable online Find a Psychologist and Media Contact databases, accessible to the public other health professionals, government and media.


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Members of the Ontario Psychological Association have access to special deals and discounts from 3000+ local and national brands with MemberPerks® by Venngo

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Visit our website for coverage details and options for professional liability and commercial general liability insurance for OPA members. 

Visit our website
 for coverage details and options for extended health and dental insurance for OPA members provided by Green Shield Canada. For any questions and inquiries, please email Frank Shahrokhi at [email protected]

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for coverage details and options for disability and life insurance for OPA members, please email Frank Shahrokhi at [email protected]

Comprehensive practice management solutions software for psychologists, social workers, and therapists. 1st month free for OPA members. Visit our website for more information about Owl Practice.
A complete practice management system for mental health practitioners.
Jane offers online booking, charting, scheduling and invoicing on one secure, beautifully designed system. Visit our website for more information about Jane. 


You never know when an ethical quandary is going to present itself — and when it does, you want access to fast, professional and confidential advice.  This is a benefit no professional can afford to be without. Visit our website to learn more about the free legal advice available to OPA members.
To access this service, call 1-855-441-4424.

OPA members can save on their home and auto insurance with Co-operators.
Click here to learn more. Ready for a quote? Visit our website to get started.

We are excited to share our collaboration with Refer To Me and are pleased to announce that is both a trusted OPA resource directory to find professionals to refer both our members and the public to, AND also provides a discount offer to our members.

By way of background, Refer To Me is primarily a B2B Canadian health technology company based in Toronto. It was founded by an Ontario-based psychologist who, after thirty years in private practice, recognized the need for health professionals to have a common space in which to network and refer to one another.

Refer To Me allows professionals to sign up for a membership that is best suited for each of them. Health professionals may sign up to either grow their practices or lighten their workloads (refer out only).

Professionals who sign up to grow their practice will pay a one-time fee for a lifetime membership. However, OPA members are being offered a 15% discount.  

For verification purposes, a unique coupon code – RTMOPA – must be used on the checkout page once a membership has been selected at

Then, the member will be able to create a profile page with information that the general public and other professionals, who are looking to make referrals, can access.

There is no fee to sign up for the Lighten Workload membership, to refer out only.

Please write to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Computer help, IT Support, Cloud Services, VOIP phones and more.
Call 416-292-3300 to inquire about the OPA member discount.
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OPA Members are now eligible for discounted home and automobile insurance through PLATFORM Insurance Management Inc. 

This new partnership offers many benefits to OPA Members, including comprehensive and affordable insurance. Other benefits include:
• Competitive pricing
• Direct contact with qualified, designated insurance professionals
• Access to PLATFORM’s online insurance portal
• 24/7 claims team
• Multiple insurer options to guarantee the best combination of coverage and price
• Comprehensive, customizable coverage
• Discounted home and automobile insurance rates

The insurance products offered through this program are provided by industry-leading insurance markets with impressive reputations. The financial ratings of these markets often exceed the industry-standard of markets participating on similar group programs. The combination of PLATFORM’s in-house expertise and industry partners allows for customized programs based on the specific needs of OPA Members.

PLATFORM Insurance Management Inc. is a national, Canadian brokerage that delivers specialized insurance solutions. Insurance is personal, and as a relationship-based business, PLATFORM’s team is their strongest asset. PLATFORM is passionate about pairing industry-leading talent with a collaborative, customer-focused working environment. At its core, PLATFORM focuses on delivering solutions which provide protection, reliability, opportunities for growth, and strategic advantages to their clients.  

Who You’ll Work With
Jennifer Lawrence, Partner & Vice President, is the primary point of contact for the OPA program. Jennifer is passionate about providing sound advice and superior solutions for all personal insurance needs. Her and her team work tirelessly to ensure the protection of everything their clients have worked hard for. 

How it Works
PLATFORM has created a customized online portal to help you get the process started. Applications can be managed online or over the phone with a designated account manager, making the process quick and easy. 
Use the link below to get your quote started today or contact Jennifer Lawrence at 416.637.8252 or [email protected].
View our website

OPA members receive a 20% discount on their printing and copying services at Staples. Contact Troy Edgcumbe at 226-989-4552 or [email protected].

OPA members receive a discount on their CAA membership fee. For further information on corporate rates, call 1 (800) 341-2226 or email CAA at [email protected]

With 200+ locations, working out at GoodLife Fitness gives you access to everything you need to reach your fitness goals. OPA members are eligible for preferred membership rates. Corporate Memberships include access to state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, Group Fitness Classes, and Shower Towel Service (where available). Visit our website to Join Now.
Want to find a club?

OPA members now enjoy a 10% discount on registration fees at SickKids CCMH Learning Institute. Use promo code OPA10 and SAVE on your mental health training and education today! *Some conditions and restrictions may apply.
See the OPA Workshops and Events page for our upcoming events!

Membership in Div. 31 has many benefits and include working with SPTAs to advance the profession and to promote the highest standards of ethics, accesssing the division’s email list which allows you to network with members and discuss issues of concern to students, and obtaining mentorship and opportunities for entry into APA governance.

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Storwell Self Storage is proud to offer all Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) members a 10% discount on their first self-storage unit rental. 
You can redeem this offer using the promo code “OPASTORAGE10“ at any of Storwell’s facilities in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Mississauga.
For more information on unit sizes and to get a free quote go to

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