The Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Ave., Toronto
The CSCH-OD Fundamentals of Hypnosis Workshop provides clinical training in both the theory
and application of hypnosis in the clinical practice of medicine and psychotherapy for those who
have never practiced hypnosis. Based on evidence-based best practices, the workshop uses a
combined format of lecture, demonstration and supervision to develop clinical hypnosis skills.
Participants will be taught how to present hypnosis to a patient, how to do a number of different
hypnotic inductions, and how to apply these in their practices. Participants will practice in small
group sessions with individualized supervision, leading to the development of selected skills. This
will be a highly interactive two days, with a minimum of 25% of workshop time spent in question
and answer discussions, learning from case vignettes, video and live demonstrations and practice
of induction techniques. Click here for registration information
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