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Trauma is an experience that overwhelms us physically, psychologically, or spiritually, with long-term debilitating consequences if left untreated. A broad range of psychological disorders are rooted in trauma.
INPM’s Summer Institute is an intensive two-day workshop built on evidence-based meaning-focused interventions, equipping mental health professionals with innovative tools that empower clients to recover from trauma and become more resilient.
Meaning-focused therapy is based on scientific research and existential insights. It makes optimal use of clients’ innate capabilities for meaning-seeking and meaning-making. This workshop will teach dialectic and paradoxical interventions to foster post-traumatic growth.

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Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych. is the founder of Integrative Meaning Therapy, and an internationally renowned leader in positive psychology. His decades of scientific research and clinical experience in integrating different therapeutic modalities in treating trauma, painful memories, and troubling emotions inform his five modules of intervention strategies: Resource-Congruence Model, PURE, ABCDE, Dual-Systems Model, and Double-Vision Strategy. His teachings on the core principles and practices of healing and flourishing through meaning have influenced both researchers and practitioners globally through his numerous publications, keynote presentations, and workshops (

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