Generalization from Therapy to Daily Life:

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at 686 Bay Street,
Generalization from Therapy to Daily Life: Behavioural Strategies to Complement Your Therapeutic Practice and Help Clients Achieve Their Goals
Offered as a webinar, or in-class training! 
Date: March 4, 2019
Facilitator: Katy Albert, M.Ed., OCT., BCBA.
This training is suitable for: Mental Health Professionals: psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers

 Learn Key Strategies to Help Your Clients to Successfully Extend the Knowledge and Skills Gained in Therapy into Their Daily Lives. 
Description:For mental health professionals who work with children, youth and families this workshop will provide with a foundation to apply behavioural principals that help clients to generalize new skills and manage behaviours that interfere with meeting their goals. Practical strategies to engage and accommodate harder to serve populations, maximize parent involvement, adopt function-based approaches to problem behaviour and facilitate intrinsic motivation will be covered.
Learning Objectives:
Acquire practical strategies to help clients generalize skills from therapy sessions to their daily lives.
Understand applications for functional behaviour assessment to treating behaviours that interfere with positive outcomes.
Use of external rewards in a way that is sustainable and supports the development of intrinsic motivation.
Acquire practical strategies to engage and accommodate children with learning differences such as ADHD, LD and ASD during therapy sessions.
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