Certificate in Attachment Focused Adult Psychotherapy:

114 Maitland Street | Toronto | ON
Certificate in Attachment Focused Adult Psychotherapy: Advanced Course
Dates:  March 25th and 26th, April 29th and 30th, 2019
Facilitator: Annette Kussin, MSW, RSW.
Pre-requisite:  The workshop on Becoming an Adult Attachment Focused Therapist.
This training is suitable for: Experienced therapists who have knowledge about Child Attachment and experience working with adults.  The workshop will provide an advanced level of assessing and treating adults from an Attachment-Focused Model of Psychotherapy.
Note:  This course will offer you a "Certificate of Participation" and does not certify participants as Certified Adult Attachment Therapists".
Description: Adult attachments develop as an unconscious continuum of an infants and child's early attachment experiences and the experiences of the older child and adolescent in relationships.  Such experiences either confirm the early insecure attachments or transform them into more secure attachments.  Adult attachments also serve the same function as infant attachments: to ensure that the needs for safety, security and nurturing are provided in an intimate relationship. By understanding adult attachment, therapists can understand the problems that clients are experiencing in their self-perception and in intimate relationships from a new and optimistic paradigm.  Clients will also discover a new perspective on their problems that is non-judgmental and hopeful for positive change.  Although by adulthood, attachment categories are well entrenched. Attachment-focused adult psychotherapy can initiate and assist the process of change to a more securely attached adult who will be more successful in relationships and life. 
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