Certificate for New Supervisors:

114 Maitland Street | Toronto | ON
Certificate for New Supervisors: Including Individual Learning Modules 1-4
Dates: January 17 February 21, March 21, April 25, 2019
Facilitators:  Susan Geary, Ph.D., and Marion Langford, M.Ed.
This training is suitable for: New supervisors, or those who hope to take over a supervisory position in the future. It is also suitable for experienced supervisors who would like to fine-tune their supervisory abilities in Health & Human Services.
Description: This certificate program gives participants the opportunity to develop and enhance their supervisory skills through the 4-key supervisory/management-based modules that together build the Supervisors skill set. Module 1, Essential Skills for the New Supervisor will provide the basics of supervision such as how to set clear expectations, how to delegate effectively, how to give positive and corrective feedback and how to coach for improved performance. In Module 2, Leadership and Motivation for Supervisors participants will examine the supervisor's role in leading and motivating employees through needs assessment and appropriate leadership style. During Holding Difficult Conversations (Module 3) participants will learn how to address the difficult conversations that are needed with staff through building awareness of different approaches to conflict. Participants will gain a toolkit of questions and guidance addressing aspects for framing the issue along with setting boundaries and accountability in these conversations. Finally, Module 4: Building and Sustaining Your Credibility and Influence, provides insight and support for how a supervisor engages in building and sustaining credibility and influence, including the strategies for working with staff, peers and your manager/director, as well as offering practical advice on establishing a support network and mentoring relationships to sustain ongoing development. Each Individual Learning Module may be taken separate from the Certificate Program however, all 4 modules must be completed to receive the certificate.  
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