*Children Resisting Post-Separation Contact:

This course is suitable for therapists, custody/access assessors, mediators,
parenting coordinators, child protection workers and lawyers.
You will learn about:
  • the continuum of parent-child contact problems - affinities, alignments, justified(realistic estrangement), alienation & hybrid cases
  •  differentiating types & severity levels
  • a research update on the impact of alienation on children, adolescents & youngadults
  • assessment considerations
  • differentiated legal & clinical remedies for mild, moderate & severe cases
  • the role of the court
  • the nuts & bolts of systemic family-based (reintegration) interventions (multifacetedfamily therapy) for mild & some moderate cases, including referral management, screening & intake, informed consent process & contracting, psycho-educational tools & clinical interventions, strategies & techniques
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