IASP Annual Conference

George Ignatieff Theatre, 15 Devonshire Place, Toronto

Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation
presented by:  Daniel Shaw


Conference Program
Daniel Shaw presents a way of understanding the traumatic impact of narcissism as it is engendered developmentally, and as it is enacted relationally. Focusing on the dynamics of narcissism in interpersonal relations, Shaw describes the relational system of what he terms the 'traumatizing narcissist' as a system of subjugation – the objectification of one person
in a relationship as the means of enforcing the dominance of the subjectivity of the other.

Shaw illustrates the workings of this relational system of subjugation in a variety of clinical vignettes, theorizing traumatic narcissism as an intergenerationally transmitted relational / developmental trauma; and exploring the clinician's experience working with the adult children of traumatizing narcissists.

Bringing together theories of trauma and attachment, intersubjectivity and complementarity,  Shaw demonstrates how narcissism can best be understood not merely as character, but as the result of the specific trauma of subjugation, in which one person is required to become the object for a significant other who demands hegemonic subjectivity.
About the Speaker
Daniel Shaw is Faculty and Clinical Supervisor and Training Analyst at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP), Faculty at Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy;  Adjunct Clinical Supervisor at Smith College School of Social Work; Group Facilitator at the International Cultic Studies Association;  Faculty at The Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology (BIPACT); and former Co-Chair of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Continuing Education Committee.   
He is the author of “Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation” published in 2014.  He has also authored a number of articles, including “The Therapeutic Action of Analytic Love” in Contemporary Psychoanalysis 2003.  He has been a public speaker at numerous conferences and has appeared on TV as a commentator a number of times.  He was a theatre major at Northwestern University; received his MSW in 1996 and his Certification in Psychoanalysis in 2000.         
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