Student Research


OPA is proud to share some of the peer-reviewed posters presented at the October 2015 Summit on Innovation in Psychology held in Toronto, ON.

Crystal Hare, Ryerson University: The Impact of Insomnia on Quality of Life in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Danielle Kofler, OISE, University of Toronto Kofler, D., & Chen, C.P: Career Indecision Among Israeli and Canadian Undergraduate Students

Jaclyn Ludmer & Leslie Atkinson, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University: Maternal Depressive Symptoms, Hostility, and Verbal Fluency Performance

Jala Rizeq and Maggie Toplak, York University: The Association Between Intelligence, Executive Functions and Self-Control Ratings in a Typically Developing Sample of Children

Kirstyn L. Krause, Emma M. MacDonald, Martin M. Antony, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University, Toronto: Investigating Storm Fears and Safety Behaviours Using Virtual Reality

Kristina Cordeiro, York University:  Primary Mental Health Care in the Family Health Team Setting: A Longitudinal Study of Referrals, Service Utilization, and Patient Outcomes

Noam Binnoon-Erez, University of Toronto: Sibling Personality Domains, Dyadic Gender Composition, and their Association with Sibling
Relationship Quality

Sepideh Saedi Chekan, MA and Jeanne C. Watson, PhD, University of Toronto: Comparing two clients in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder across four dimensions of: Negative Emotions, Positive Emotions, Negative Treatment-of-Self, and Positive Treatment-of-Self 
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